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  In today’s technologically dominated world there is a major marketing and advertising misconception. The misconception is that the only ways to market and advertise efficiently are through word of mouth, person to person, and via the internet. The truth about marketing and advertising in today’s society is that those are NOT the only ways to market and advertise efficiently. In 2013 a marketing and advertising technique called Digital Out of Home (also known as DOOH) saw a rise of 13%. While true enough, the internet is still the fastest growing medium with 15.7% in 2013.

  As you can see only a 2.7% differential separated the two in 2013. What is DOOH you ask? DOOH is a marketing and advertising technique you see in cafes, restaurants, bars, billboards, jukeboxes, kiosks, and jumbotrons. Anywhere you can display your product or service digitally not through the internet. An increase from $840 million dollars in revenue in 2012 to $950 million in 2013! DOOH marketing was 2nd in growth rate ahead of cable T.V. at 7.3% and outdoor advertising overall at 4.4%. These numbers come from the reliable sources of Digital Place base Advertising Association and Kantar Media. The projected numbers for DOOH via MyersBiznet is estimated 12.6% with an increase to $1.07 billion dollars. When you include cinema advertising the estimate jumps to $1.9 billion dollars in revenue in 2014 based on the Myers projection.

  In a recent interview according to Barry Frey, president and CEO of the DPAA saying “In today’s video everywhere world, marketers need a presence on all screens not just T.V.” Inevitably digital placed media has become an important element of the mix because it can reach on the go consumers or mere point of purchase. Whether it be consumers on a train, bus, light rail, in a taxi, or at a checkout counter this approach catches these consumers’ eyes. In a separate study from PQ Media DOOH exposure increased 75% from 8 minutes per week in 2007 to 14 minutes a week in 2013. This goes to show that DOOH marketing and advertising is a proven effective marketing and advertising strategy. This is based on increased revenues, rank among other strategies and techniques, and exposure to DOOH marketing and advertising.

  Consumers are spending more and more time with media away from home every day. They are being linked to DOOH whether they fully understand and acknowledge or not. A final staggering stat shows a PQ media projection has DOOH exposure to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 8.6% reaching 20 minutes per week in 2017. In turn fueling a 14.2% cumulative annual growth rate in DOOH revenues. This goes to show the effectiveness of this technique/strategy and how it has impacted, is impacting, and will continue to impact the world of advertising and marketing globally in several different ways.

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