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  If you think that your success in your career and or other fields of interest is reflective of how popular you are on social media websites you are sadly mistaken. Especially the up and coming super topic trendy Twitter. Twitter as you may or may not know is a social media website known for its brief one to two line posts with the option of pictures and videos.  What you may not know is that there many people on Twitter with many followers and very few followers but their success is NOT necessarily reflective based on that number. On one of the most watched shows on Television in Dancing With The Stars recently a highly talented and highly followed contestant was eliminated from the show.

  What does this have to do with Twitter you ask? Not everything but something and that something is the fact that the contestant Cody Simpson (Australian Native) has 6.55 million followers on Twitter! When Mario Lopez, the Extra co-host, heard about the elimination he was quoted saying “Wow! With 6.55 million Twitter followers I was kind of surprised Cody went home.” Mario Lopez was not the only voice tress show host to voice his reaction. Shaun Robinson, of Access Hollywood, also voiced her reaction and when asked about Cody getting the boot she responded “A surprise elimination considering he has 6.55 million Twitter Followers.” These are only 2 pop-culture overseers voicing their reactions. Just imagine how many more pop-culture overseers came to the same conclusion. When you dig down deep in to this, it gets peoples minds boggling about how accurate and effective social media popularity is especially one like Twitter where it’s based on the number followers, Tweets, and re-Tweets.

  This in turn goes to prove that social media support doesn’t guarantee perpetual success on ALL competition series and therefore in any competitive market for that matter. In addition to the above information “Dancing With The Stars” has a rich history of surprising and painful eliminations dating back to 2005. Keep in mind social media hadn’t hit main stream yet and Twitter was NON-existent. The audience composition of Dancing With The Stars skews a 50-plus notably. People in that age range may vote once or twice via the internet or phone call in but not much time devoted to it. Now with that in mind this implies and somewhat affirms a new voting mantra on such shows like Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, The X-Factor, and America’s Got Talent of vote BIG or go AWAY. The voting seems to be dominated and favored by a digitally driven younger viewer portion than the older viewers. However just because you have 6.55 million followers on Twitter doesn’t mean they all voted for you. It’s possible that you were less favored because of a more popular and possibly less talented choice. It is clear that the elimination of Cody Simpson and Witney Carson shook the social media world. How do we know? Former dancing with the stars contestant Donny Osmond was HIGHLY critical of Simpson and his partner Carson, and the displeasure with Osmond was seen on Twitter by many of Simpson’s disgruntled fans. Keep in mind when really analyzing and absorbing all of this information that as stated previously Simpson was not the first surprise elimination. Disney’s “Cheetah Girls” co-star Sabrina Bryan witnessed the same fate as her contestant successor Cody Simpson.

  Rigged show, Conspiracy based on popularity, or just a good way to keep people on the edge of their seats? That’s for you to decide. Not only that but how does social media popularity, especially on Twitter in this case and many others, effect/reflect the success of the subject. Research this topic for yourself and see what you come up with in your own factual based conclusion. What you find may astound and change your entire perspective on social media popularity and social media websites in general for that matter. Agreed, that social media has impact on the world the way we know it today. Disagreed, that it is flawless and on point 100% about the subject at hand.

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