Twitter Ad Tools for Mobile App Install

  As of late Twitter has begun rolling out new ad tools to help marketers and developers promote and drive mobile application installs. In this push Twitter has announced a set ad creative, targeting, and measurement features geared to promoting app installs. Along with these features added engagement both on and off Twitter. In addition to both these strategies they also now offer the option to buy promoted Tweets designed to drive installs and run campaigns outside Twitter through companies such as MoPub Mobile Ad Exchange. In that lies the ability for advertisers to choose to run simultaneous marketing campaigns to more than 241 million active users on Twitter. Not only does it allow them to reach 241 million Twitter users but also an additional 1 billion mobile devices off Twitter through one interface at As you may have guessed these facts and statistics are coming from an internal source in Kelton Lynn the Product Manager/Revenue at Twitter.

  The company is now testing a new ad offering including a native ad unit (paid content alongside editorial in publication) with the best of Twitter Cards and promoted Tweets. This package is being offered to companies such as Spotify, HotelTonight, Kabam, and Deezer just to name a few. Twitter offered testimonials minus the specifics from companies that tested the app install ads so far. The Vice President of Global Marketing in Rich Pleeth from GetTaxi was quoted saying “Twitter has jumped out to be our #1 acquisition channel, we couldn’t be happier with the results of the beta”. Pretty good feedback from someone in a high position at a company like GetTaxi. The ad promotion tools are now available to United States advertisers (while still in private beta) and should begin to show substantial results if all goes well.

  The company (GetTaxi) has emphasized on the integration of Twitter’s ad system with MoPub which was acquired last year to reach beyond the microblogging service itself. In this shows that ad campaigns that run across the Twitter Publisher Network are auto translated into programmatic bids on the MoPub exchange. This feature in turn is putting Twitter on a level playing field with MoPubs existing DSP (Demand Side-Platform) according to Kelton Lynn. A DSP allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data-exchange accounts through one interface. The new Twitter ad tools have been well thought up and had creative progressive efforts put behind them.

  Twitter is counting on the app install ads to be moneymaker it’s been proven to be on Facebook. In effect has helped (Facebook) to drive the social media networks impressive mobile advertisement growth. In a statement from Re/Code’s Peter Kafka he noted MoPub has already been selling app ads. However it has not been able to replicate Facebook’s success with the format. Twitter is kind of an underdog in this market. They are not the only company trying to compete with Facebook and Apple for developer’s ads dollars. The new Twitter ad tools will definitely increase morale and productivity within the company.

  This in turn shows the effort Twitter must continue to make to get some of those dollars. Yahoo last month began testing their own version of application install ads. Yahoo is also using an in-stream native unit across its mobile application and web properties. How well is it working for Yahoo? Well enough to bring in a massive 430 million active monthly mobile users. If these new Twitter ad tools can generate increased ad revenue through its new application installation ad campaign it could help alleviate investor concerns about the pace of its own user growth. Thus in turn producing more and more positive growth overall for the company holistically.

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