What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO optimizes website content to improve its search ranking. Search engines comb the content on your website looking for keywords and links to determine how relevant your website is to the search terms your customers are using. A successful organic SEO strategy is driven by quality content and founded on proper website design.


The Role Of Content

Search engines examine many different areas of your website using algorithms looking for links, content and other features relevant to their user’s search terms. Poorly made content or repetitive content on your website will earn you a poor ranking that can relegate your website to the bottom of the pile in search results. Adding quality content tailored to your website is one of the best ways you can improve your search ranking organically and it provides a useful resource that will attract users and provide many other benefits.


Organic Building Blocks

Optimizing the code behind the scenes of your site is another important step in organic search engine optimization. Meta tags are used to direct search engines to the parts of your website that you want them to see. Optimizing the meta tags on your website for search ensures that search engines can find all of the content on your site. The links on your website and the links that point to your website are another area that you can optimize to improve your search ranking organically.


Link Building

Simple problems like outdated or broken links are common sources of atrophied search rankings. Search engines profile the links on your site and the backlinks on other sites that lead to yours when they examine your website. If well known websites with a large user base reference your website, search engine algorithms factor that in your website’s favor. However if your website links to pages that the algorithms deem low quality or if they link to your page, it will harm your search ranking.


Back Links

Building a quality network of links to and from your web page is an integral part of organic SEO. Creating links on your own site is a relatively simple matter, but encouraging webmasters on other sites to link to your page is more challenging. One option for quality link building is using directory sites that act like a hub in a network of quality sites. Knowing which directories maintain quality lists is key to improving your link quality. The best link directories are usually the most selective and provide direct human oversight of every link they curate.


Networking Links

Reaching out to webmasters running sites related to yours can also be an effective way to build links and bring up your search rating. Providing quality content that encourages other websites to link to yours. Another method you can use to organically improve your search ranking is to add reference links in your content. Providing links to authoritative sources such as peer reviewed research or university web pages will help build your website authority and improve your search ranking.


Social Linking

You can also use comments in forums or blogs related to your website to build a network of links that will improve your search rating but this tactic can backfire on you if used improperly. A good rule of thumb is to only link to your site when it makes sense in the context of the conversation or site you are posting on or adds to the conversation in some way. This is another area where adding high quality content to your site can help you. Creating quality content that you can reference in social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, blogs or forums can bring traffic to your site quickly. The most effective organic SEO strategies combine traditional organic link building techniques with social media and quality content to bump your site up the search rankings and get your site moving upward through the search rankings.

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