What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
What is SEO?:

  •    Attain top or leading positions in search engine results.
    SEO is designed to give you a commanding position in search engine results for the keywords targeted.
  •    Get targeted visitors that convert to business.
    The result is that your website receives a continuous flow of visitors that can convert into clients for your business and profits. These visitors will keep finding your website without you having to do anything- and continuous profits for you.
  •    Start seeing results immediately.
    You could start seeing results within a few days and gradually rise to a leading or top position. Though nobody controls search engines, you should start seeing results within a few day to around 3 weeks.
  •    Search Engine Optimization does not have to cost thousands of dollars.
    A strong budget will ensure a strong Return on Investment. We work with you to invest in your website’s success.

Get your site found.

Kelen Marketing spends hours manually submitting your site to many search engine directories and directly to search engines themselves.
Just implementing one aspect of SEO will work during the time it is submitted but we focus on long term strength. We first work on the foundation of your site. Meta data, descriptions, and keyword research are paramount before you begin your SEO campaign.

Keyword Research

As easy as it sounds, keyword research is a primary solution to getting your campaign started. We need to know the word’s popularity which means we need to know it’s effectiveness. We research every keyword and we look for underutilized words that can bring in clients you might not reach otherwise. Keyword research is a difficult task because of the competition for these words. So how are we able to compete and come up with creative ways to out think your competition? Kelen Marketing is always watching the analytical data to find what makes your site popular and adjust the keywords and marketing strategy accordingly.

Meta Data

Once we find the right keywords for your website to match your business model, we then implement your new meta tags. These meta tags are how the search engines are going to list your site. We focus on the main three areas along with some other basics. The most important meta tags are contained in your title, description, and keywords. Meta data is the first part of building your website page foundation.

Implementing a good SEO plan is a good plan for internet success.

We can focus, according to your budget, on either a true organic approach or a Pay Per Click campaign. We recommend both in the beginning. An investment in a PPC campaign will help get your website found much quicker and start the long term building process of your website insuring they align the way the search engines like to see them. We must make Google, Yahoo, and Bing as happy as possible and we know what they like!

Content! Content! Content!

We need to fill your website with content. Content is why people will want to come to your site. They need what you have and want to learn as much as possible. Listing successes via testimonials are good ways to wil customer loyalty. We use content in many areas in forums, blogs, and article websites. We are always looking for short articles in specific areas to match your website keywords. We then start the submissions process and send these articles out to as many websites as possible.

Designed to deliver superior or top organic search engine positions.

While we do not promise any position, our methods will deliver permanent links to your website and permanent effect to your search engine rankings whether you target a local, national, or worldwide audience.

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions begin with planning. Once we structure a plan, we the focus on a solid foundation. Foundation building is the most important aspect of what we do. With a strong foundation all future investments, articles, directory submissions, blogs, keywords, and backlinks will help to maintain the longevity of your internet presence.

Web Solutions

We utilize every aspect of online marketing not just SEO techniques. We understand Search Engines. Implementing your foundation into the internet will secure a solid presence on the web and help to secure a solid web page ranking.

eBusiness Solutions

It is all about business. Finding new customers is getting harder and harder even with a proven track record. We will help expand your web presence. Help you find new customers that without website SEO campaigns, you might be missing.

What is different about Kelen Marketing SEO?
What we do:

  •    Limited to a few clients at a time.
    Due to the manual nature of our service, we do not take on too many orders at one time. In order to get high level service toward your online marketing plan, ACT NOW!
  •    First com first served.
    We do not keep a waiting list for this service. In general, SEO work for your website will begin within a few days after your order.
  •    Designed to deliver superior or top organic search engine positions.
    While we do not promise any position, our methods will deliver permanent links to your website and permanent effect to your search engine rankings whether you target a local, national, or worldwide audience.
  •    Leave it to the Pros.
    Do not know the first thing about SEO or Web 2.0 Marketing? We know this stuff down to the core, we will work to get you to a dominant position in your niche!
  •    Progress
    We email you monthly reports to keep you informed of your websites progress

A sustained effort can give you a top position in organic searches on the search engines, potentially driving a lot of free business for weeks, months, or years.

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