Basic SEO Campaigns

Every day your customers are searching online for the services they need and making decisions about which business they will patronize based on what they find. Our small business marketing campaign lets you take control of your online presence and connects you with your customers.

The major search engines provide data on your business regardless of whether you participate or not. What your potential customers see when they search for your business online is just as important as what they hear from friends and family. Simply getting noticed isn’t enough, let our experts help you build an online presence that will reflect the quality of your business.

Other SEO companies limit their local business services to one search engine but we cast a wider net to bring in customers from all the major search engines. The local search accounts we set up for you on Google, Bing and Yahoo will promote your company and establish an online space where you can respond to customers that leave feedback for others to see. Each search account provides customers with everything they need to choose your business including contact information, operating hours, driving directions to your doorstep and pictures of your business and friendly staff.

Creating local search accounts is an integral part of any successful online marketing campaign but they won’t help your business much unless your company is one of the top results on the major search engines. We optimize your website to send it up the search rankings and get your business noticed. Our comprehensive monthly service includes regular keyword research to identify the search terms that your customers are using to find companies in your field.

Online trends can change rapidly and a successful marketing campaign has to keep on top of changes in search trends to stay competitive. Our SEO professionals use industry standard tools to identify search trends as they build up and integrate the most recent trends in user searches into your site.

The major search engines are looking at your website right now to determine which businesses your customers will see. Our industry standard techniques optimize your website for the major search engines and make sure that your business is competitive. Our small business website SEO service checks your website’s meta tags for errors and keeps its description up-to-date with the latest content on your page.

Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool and with our social media setup you can spread the word about your business instantly and get people talking. We create accounts for your business on major social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Our experienced staff will fill out your profiles with the information your customers expect and link them with your local search profiles. Our professional setup combines photos and regular content submissions to keep your customers informed about your services and interested with your latest offers and promotions.

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