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Our advanced campaign is designed to propel your business to the top of the search rankings and bring customers to your site with a comprehensive strategy that includes search optimization, social media, unique content and more. Building a website with an advanced SEO infrastructure isn’t a one time proposition. Our professional staff keeps your site on top of the latest changes in search engine algorithms, social media and search trends to make sure your site maintains a keen competitive edge with regular updates and fresh content.

Content is the building block that will raise your website above the sites striving to reach the top of the pile in search results. Our advanced online marketing campaign includes fresh, original content from professional writers that will build up your visibility in the search engines using content specific to your field of business. Adding content not only boosts your search ratings but provides a useful resource for your customers that will keep them visiting your site.

Our advanced campaign promotes our professional articles and your own original content using a combination of blog submissions and social media. We handle the setup of your blog and connect it with your social media and search accounts. Your blog will provide a way for you to interact with your customers individually and provide you with an opportunity to introduce your brand to your customer base as a whole.

Creating your social and search network is only the beginning of the process. We interlink your webpage, social and search accounts with other quality webpages using blog posts, comments and reaching out to other site owners to create back links that will lead customers interested in your business to you. We submit your website to link directories that will further improve your visibility on search engines and bring more traffic to your site organically.

Creating local business accounts with Bing, Google and Yahoo is another part of our advanced service. We set up and maintain accounts with each search engine that provide customers with another way to find information about your business and links to your site. Our comprehensive setup process will provide all of the information your customers need to choose your business, including your contact details, operating hours, main website, operating hours and location.

Although building a successful social media campaign, a network of high quality links and search accounts is important, your site will never reach its full potential unless it is properly optimized to meet the requirements of the major search engines. We go through every page on your website to look for ways to improve your SEO, dead links and other missed opportunities that could affect your search rankings. Other companies maintain a limited focus that is only geared towards one search engine or fails to exploit vital opportunities to promote your brand. Our monthly service is geared towards building a strong presence in search and social media that won’t fade over time using a comprehensive approach and industry standard techniques.

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