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Our pay-per-click services spread the word online quickly and efficiently with ads on major search engines and social media outlets. Combining pay-per-click advertising with our organic search techniques is one of the best ways to build your online presence quickly. Moving your website up the search rankings organically can take time. With our pay-per-click advertising campaign you can move your business straight to the top right away.

Our pay-per-click campaign advertises your company on sites that your customers use every day. Our pay-per-click service creates accounts for your website with the major web advertising outlets: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. The advantage of pay-per-click advertising with these sites is that they can your target ads to customers based on what they are interested in and you only pay for the ads that customers see.

Our service includes setup of a Google AdWords account that will introduce customers to your business through text ads at the top of Google search results or in the space next to them. Your AdWords account can also serve video ads at the beginning of Youtube videos and place ads with videos or static images on the millions of websites that offer space to advertisements from AdWords. You decide how much to invest in your AdWords campaign but you Google only charges your account when a user clicks on your advertisement.

We also set up an account to deliver pay-per-click ads through Bing and Yahoo search pages. Your ads will also reach users on Yahoo’s other sites that serve users looking for news, technology, entertainment, e-mail and more. We can provide your customers with image, video and text ads through Yahoo that will reach audiences that may miss people who use Google.

Our pay-per-click campaign also provides the opportunity to exploit social media with advertisements on Facebook. Your ads on Facebook will target customers in your area and customers interested in your area of expertise. We use text, image and video ads on Facebook to spread the word about your services and bring customers back to your Facebook page or main website.

We strongly recommend combining a pay-per-click campaign with our organic SEO services to create the strongest marketing campaign possible. Our pay-per-click setup includes installation of monitoring tools that you can use to track how much you are spending and the efficacy of your advertising campaign. You can set hard limits on how much you will spend on your pay-per-click advertising in total or over a set period of time.

The company that you choose to lead your pay-per-click campaign matters! Google, Yahoo and Bing rate the content that goes out in every ad based on its quality and relevance. Those ratings determine how often your ad is shown and where it gets shown. Although you can pay for better visibility you can also get better visibility with a better rating. Our professional staff has the experience and know-how to create engaging pay-per-click ads that customers will see more often and will bump your ads up to the more popular sites at a lower price.

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