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The content on your website matters and the words you use to describe it matters even more. Our SEO services will find the keywords people are using to search for the content on your site and optimize your content to connect your customers with the content on your site. We identify the keywords that your content needs using proven research methods that will send your site up the search rankings. Keyword research is an integral part of our comprehensive SEO services that we use to connect potential visitors and customers with the content and services on your website.

The content on your website is one of the most important resources you have for driving up your search ranking. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing look through the content on your website for keywords related to their user’s search terms in order to match users with your website. We use proven SEO techniques to research the most popular search terms being used to find websites like yours and integrate those keywords into your website. With properly researched keywords embedded in your content we make sure that your website will get noticed by the major search engines.

Our SEO services don’t stop at simply adding the keywords that your customers are using to look for your site into the page. Overloading your content with keywords will get your website marked as spam by the search engines and your site will be relegated to the bottom of the pile in searches -if it isn’t omitted entirely. Failing to incorporate enough keywords into your content can also get your site overlooked. The professional staff at Kelen Marketing keeps on top of recent changes in search engine algorithms to keep your website up-to-date with the keywords your website needs, in the right quantity.

Our services are intended for businesses looking for a long-term solution to website SEO. High-ranking websites need regular SEO adjustments in order to stay on top of changes in the keywords that customers are using to find your website and changes in how search engines rank websites.

Knowing which keywords will bring traffic to your website and analyzing how customers use those keywords can make or break an SEO campaign. Our experienced staff conducts comprehensive research into the searching habits of customers looking for websites like yours. We look for keywords that customers who are ready to buy are using to find your product and creates high-quality content that will bring those customers to your site. We use a combined approach that includes popular keywords that generate large volumes of traffic and long-tail search keywords that buyers use when they are ready to make a purchase to improve your traffic and sales.

Researching the keywords that your future customers are using is only the first step in creating a website that will get noticed. Our SEO services take a comprehensive approach that uses industry standard techniques to improve your website’s visibility on major search engines. Contact us today to learn more about how keyword research forms the backbone of a successful SEO campaign.

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