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The most effective SEO campaigns build a strong online presence using every tool at their disposal. Pay per click ads are paid advertisements that show in prominent places on search engines, social media websites and websites across the internet. Unlike organic search, pay-per-click ads provide immediate visibility that lasts for as long as your ad is funded.


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The ads that you see on the Internet every day on search engines, Facebook and other websites are pay-per-click ads. These ads change to display ads relevant to the website they are on or search terms users put into Google, Bing or Yahoo. These ads are displayed in prominent locations that you can’t miss, so that even if you don’t click on the ad and follow it to the website it links to, customers are still exposed to your brand. Our pay-per-click service will release your ad through major PPC ad vendors including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. We can put your ad at the top of relevant search results from all three search engines, on Facebook and websites that participate in Google adwords.


Cost Control

One of the major advantages of PPC ads is that you only pay when a user actually clicks on the ad to follow its link to your website. This pricing model allows a great degree of flexibility in setting an advertising budget. You can designate how much money you are willing to spend and set limits based on the number of clicks per day, total cost per week and other factors. Some PPC services -like Google- use an auction model to determine how frequently an ad is viewed. Advertisers bid on the amount they will pay for each click and Google uses an algorithm to determine how often ads at that price point are displayed compared to ads bid at higher or lower prices. Google also allows gives an advantage to advertisers with high quality ads, allowing them to bid lower without sacrificing visibility. Choosing an experienced SEO company that knows how to get the most visibility for your advertising dollar can result in substantial savings.


Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook also sell PPC ads in a variety of formats. The advantage of PPC ads on these pages is that you can directly connect your ad to your Facebook page, allowing users to seamlessly transition from their own Facebook page to yours. Facebook can also use its extended knowledge of Facebook user’s preferences and habits to deliver your ad to people that want to see it with a high degree of accuracy.

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