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Press releases are popular because they are a relatively inexpensive way to gain visibility. Kelen Marketing can get your press release available for reading within hours of completion.

You can get incredible advertisement at a fraction of the cost of a print ad or commercial space. Your press release can attract new customers from all over the United States. Over 80 million people get their news online every day. It makes sense for you to get a release out to the public about your business, products and services. Many of these people may already be your customers, investors or fans.

A press release must be a legitimate news angle to be a credible release and we will help put it together so it will be as successful as possible.

Before we begin a press release we will need you to follow a clear outline for us to get started on the points
you want to make so we can maximize your exposure. Some press releases are necessary to allow your name or brand to maintain a consistent presence in your marketplace via national online distribution. We want to focus on a newsworthy release and we can get it released every 30 days. If you’re just trying to get the word out doing what we call an outreach release, we recommend these types be done less frequently.

Lastly, consistent press releases can establish you as an industry expert. We work to help you become established in your niche. Promoting your expertise in your given industry, we build your brand and let other experts know they can come to you for information as well. We build trust with niche specific press releases; we focus on your niche categories and promote your brand throughout the industry. Building trust with a press release is extremely important not only to customers but to establish solid relationships with all your media relations as well.

Well written and properly distributed press releases will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

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