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The linchpin of a successful SEO marketing campaign is content. But a quality website optimized to attract search traffic is only one avenue for delivering the content that your customers want to see. Social media services like Google+ and Facebook provide great opportunities to connect your customers with your business. Creating a blog and accounts on major social media websites is just the first step to establishing your presence in social media.

Adding a blog to your website creates a space where you can engage with your customers and create content that will drive search traffic to your website. We can use the content on your blog to launch promotional campaigns, create an informative pamphlet about products you offer or just to introduce the people behind your business. You can also use posts from your blog to draw traffic through social media and vice versa. We can use engaging image posts on social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest to draw viewers to your blog and from there to the rest of your site.

Setting up a successful account with Facebook or Google+ seems like an easy task, but it takes an experienced professional to realize the full benefits that social media can offer. We work closely with our clients to learn about their business and staff before we begin setting up your page with all the pertinent details about your business. We can create pictures and videos for your account that will bring visitors into your business from their browser window and show them what you are about. Once we have established a basic account for your business, the next step is to take advantage of social media’s ability to create an interconnected network of pages.

Major search engines like Google factor the number of likes and +1’s that your website gets into the algorithm that determines the search ranking for your website. Adding links to your website and blog allows visitors to promote your content to each of their social contacts by clicking a button on your webpage. Not only does this improve your search ranking, it also sends free advertising to everyone on their friends list with a link to your social media account.

Our service aims to provide a comprehensive network of social media sites that you can use to get the word out for your business. We can create accounts for your business with major social sites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterset. Our professional staff has the experience it takes to deliver professional content with a strong technical foundation that takes advantage of all the opportunities offered in the constantly evolving online marketing space.

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