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Your website is the backbone of your online presence and it needs to have a strong foundation of Search Engine Optimization and content in order to bring in the traffic your business deserves. Our staff is experienced in working with existing websites and building from scratch. We create pages that are tailored to your vision for the website and we can provide the content that brings it all together.

The role of Internet advertising is evolving rapidly and with an experienced professional on your side you can utilize your website to its full potential. A professionally developed website from Kelen Marketing can act as a point of sale, a portal for communicating with your clients and a way to provide immersive content that will draw viewers into¬† your site. But creating content on a professional site alone isn’t enough to drive traffic and money to your business. A truly successful website is developed to suit the needs of an online marketing program that integrates social media and SEO techniques into a sleek, professional design.

Marketing your website is a complex process that requires an integrated approach combining professional website design, quality content and social marketing. Our staff creates clean, professional pages using industry standard SEO techniques that improve search rankings and bring in customers. One of the basic methods we use when creating an SEO focused website is keyword research. We use professional analytical tools to find the keywords users are searching with when they look for websites like yours. Coding keywords into the meta tags in your website and dispersing them throughout your content will improve your search ranking. But keyword research is just one step at the beginning of developing a website optimized for search. We fix broken links, build links to and from other pages, create a site map and provide W3 validation among dozens of other tasks during the process of working on a new or existing site.

Integrating social media into your website and its marketing campaign is an increasingly important part of website development. Adding links to social media pages can provide a significant source of traffic for your website. Creating links between your social media accounts and your main website is a great way to bring customers to your point of sale, but it can also improve your overall search ranking. Search engines like Google take the number of likes or +1s that your site gets into consideration when it ranks you in search results. Adding quality content to your website along with these links is a great way to spread the word about your site through social media while improving your search ranking.

Although integrating SEO and social media into your website is critical to succeeding in modern online marketing spaces, creating a clean website that is well-organized and easy to use is still one of our primary focuses. The Internet is filled with junk sites full of ads that users and search engines alike are trying to ignore. Our aim in website development is to get to know your business and your vision so we can develop a website that reflects the work you are doing every day and where your business is heading.

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